We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website at www.dftlaw.gr.

For the first time we have a website that truly reflects Dalakos Fassolis Theofanopoulos Law Firm, who we are and where we are going. When designing our website our main goal was to help our clients and colleagues to know us better in an informative but also inviting and engaging way and understand who we are as a law firm and what services we provide.

Aside from having an attractive appearance, our website is designed with a fresh innovative presentation and user-friendly navigation that will enable clients and colleagues alike to find what they need quickly and easily. Every service that we provide is presented in an easily navigable website. We also use a responsive design, which means that our website will be optimised for your smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Just as importantly our values and key messages are evident and clear. While a website cannot represent the passion we have for our business, for law in general and for the core industries that we are engaged in, it can be very helpful. The process of designing this website made us all think of who we are and most importantly it reminded us of why we do business. Beneath this website, we are still the same people who will go the distance for you and will deliver high quality legal services across all our core sectors, who are dedicated to and understand your business needs and provide you with innovative solutions focusing on the commercial reality that matters and who are committed to building deep and genuine relationships with you founded on dedication, honesty and trust.

We encourage you to visit and explore our website at www.dftlaw.gr. We hope to continue improving the website so that it best serves as our way of communication with you.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in us.

Dalakos Fassolis Theofanopoulos Law Firm

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